Adhiambo & Grace 's Story

So you want to know something about me? I don't have much to say. I'll give you just a sneak preview, and I'm not worried about your judgment. Love me or hate me this is me and I'm proud to be me!

What motivates me is other people's success. Suffering motivates me not to put myself in the same position. Motivation is a big part of life and the actions that you take. Without motivation, there is no purpose and no will to do anything therefore all you do is exist.

Making the most of an exhilarating experience makes life more enjoyable. Trying as much as possible to overcome negative company and situations is necessary; coz negativity plants itself in your mind and spreads to affect your actions and eventually your health. Now why would you want such a thing to control you?

Life to me means positive, not negative. Everything positive is possible only with a positive heart, mind and action!