Eliza's Story

Only ten years ago I had never had a boyfriend, and five years ago I lived with my family and had never moved house.

In the past five years I have been married, renovated and moved house five times, and have become the centre of the universe to our three beautiful children, all aged three and under! Not to mention maintaining a small business, meeting the expectations of clients and employers.

I've had to grow in maturity with this massive increase in responsibilities, as family CEO (Chief Emotional Officer). With never-ending decisions about the families health, happiness, housing and education.

It's been an exciting time of physical and emotional change, and of reassessing life's meaning and priorities. A steep learning curve of trial and error, and enjoyment of the pure wisdom of young children as they explore the fresh new world around them, with all it's ‘first's'. Motherhood is a time of intimate and exciting experiences, like the miracle of creation and new life. Yet a deepening love for my family brings risk and anxiety.

A frequently frustrating time of balancing responsibilities, with time split so many ways that expectations are seldom met. With shuffling priorities of work, family, friends, self and spiritual growth - my time is often busy, yet often moves slowly with mundane but necessary activities, with more time to think and reflect than there is to achieve expectations.