Susan 's Story

This is me… What you see before you, is not necessarily the person you may be expecting, as nothing is worse than being predictable with nothing better than being full of surprises. I am a woman, a woman with beauty, integrity, determination, and passion. I am a woman who holds a lust for life and a love of many things, in particular my family and friends as without them there would be a great emptiness.

I am a simple person, with many complexities. I believe in myself and my abilities and have worked hard for everything I have and the luxuries that I allow myself. I live my life according to my own rules and my beliefs.

I am an entertainer with a love for the stage and bright lights. I have great presence and flair, with a passion that is reflected in my every performance. For me there is no performance not worth giving and giving well. I command attention from my audience and strive for perfection, which is reflected in the show which I give them. I am driven to please and give everything I have to see the smiles on their faces and their eyes wide open.

I am delicate and fragile, I am strong and fearless, I am successful and happy, and I am all that I am and you can't get much better than that,

…as this is me!