Ajedra 's Story

Now, who do you think I am?

I bet, looking at me today; you are wondering what my story is. So let me enlighten you!

My name is Ajedra. A name given to me by my paternal grandfather. It means “father brought death!”. Now do not be alarmed by the meaning of my name. It isn't as bad as it sounds. My grandfather gave me the name because when I was born and first presented to him by my father my country (Uganda) was going through political turmoil which led to war.

Just as this war was starting to spread towards my grandfathers village, my parents, siblings and I arrived. It seemed like the war was following us and we were bringing it to the village. Luckily the war ceased and didn't reach us and here I am today.

A Madi Tribes girl from the Pearl of Africa. A beautiful green land of bright coloured vegetation and wildlife. Vast flowing rivers, large families and abundance of love!

I am an easy going masters student, patient, tolerant, supportive and with lots of energy to mention but a few of my characteristics. Despite what my name means I love to bring love and joy into peoples lives or bring out the best in them. I love to clean up a mess and there's nothing more satisfying for me that to enlighten and help sort out someone's life for them and see the joy of that person relieved and them motivated to get out of the muddle.