Kate H. 's Story

The concept of being nude for me is not about getting my kit off, gallivanting about starkers and exposing my private bits to the masses. It's about unveiling my image and revealing a reflection of my raw, organic, core, because in reality, this IS me, without the camouflage, concealment or pretense.

I'm content within the creation that is ‘Kate'. Concealed or not, I am comfortable within my skin. From the age of three I danced. It was the way I best expressed myself, and it was the path I walked till the age of twenty five. My more recent journey involves Yoga and lots of it. And I expect Yoga to be the carpet I ride for the remainder of my time. Perhaps it's this dominant physical ingredient to my world so far which accommodates for my laid back acceptance of nudity. Who knows? Whatever it is, I see it as a good thing.

To believe in yourself, to be content and happy with what you've got is essential. Since day dot I've had an affiliation with leaves. I love them. Then one day I noticed the kinship within the lettering of the word ‘belief.'

Belief = be leaf

In other words, be like the leaf within. Strive to be light, weightless, unburdened by distress, despair, disquiet thoughts, by anguish, irritation, annoyance and apprehension.

Let your ride through this life be gentle and enjoy the journey.