Ben's Story

And a few days later…

As hard as it was, I am in awe at the transformations my body underwent during pregnancy and particularly, in labour. Looking back, being pregnant was like having a Christmas present under a tree for nine months. You are allowed to feel and gently prod the present to get an idea of what's inside – you may even have a little peek through an ultrasound – but you aren't allowed to have your precious gift until the right time.

The right time ended up being one week past my due date (which seemed a cruel twist, considering the physical discomfort I was in). I opted for a natural, drug-free labour. It was incredible how vulnerable I could feel, while at the same time be so incredibly powerful. My body seemed to know what to do, how to complete its' transformation in order to bring my precious gift into this world.

It was the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced, yet nature equips us with wonderful hormones to cope with it and even better, to forget it afterwards!

So, despite the physical challenges I faced during pregnancy and labour, when I look into my baby's eyes, I think to myself, “I'd do it all again for you…”