Fiona's Story

This is Me. Or is it? This is me perhaps in a changed form, a form that is changing largely outside of my control. When thinking about the way I view my body at this moment, I find it hard to view myself as me, but rather,

This is We'.

Throughout the period of gestation, there have been constant reminders that my body is no longer mine alone, that there is another person sharing my space. More often than not, these reminders come in forms that I do not welcome. The presence of this other person causes me to feel sick, suffer headaches, heart palpitations, back pain and, well, the list goes on. This person is with me every moment of every day for approximately forty weeks. This person kicks and punches my body, wakes me up several times a night and sometimes hiccups for hours on end, making my stomach twitch in the most annoying way.

Pregnancy has not been an enjoyable experience!

Every day I wake up and wish that my body was mine again. I have forgotten what is like to feel comfortable in the physical sense, which makes it difficult on the emotional side of things. There are moments when I feel guilty for wanting the pregnancy over isn't a woman supposed to glow in pregnancy?

Shouldn't I be caught up in the joy of having a baby?

I just hope it happens sooner, rather than later.

I want this little person out of me!

Fiona pregnant with Ben!