Beverly 's Story

I was born in New Zealand 52 years ago, being a long well built baby who grew up as a young child, teenage and young adult with the belief I was overweight and unattractive. It was many years later from an innocent remark made to me, which allowed me to really look at myself and know that what I had been seeing and believing for so many years was not true. How the tears flowed!

So who am I really?

I am a curvy, sensuous, attractive, warm open hearted female who has a love of life, embraces it to the full and when opportunities present themselves at times is known for jumping off the “cliff” to see where I land!

One of those opportunities was being photographed for this exhibition. It has helped me to stop mentally ‘cutting' my physical body in half so that I did not ‘see' from my waist down and to embrace and know the WHOLE of me including my quirks and imperfections.

When focused in one direction I can be stubborn, self opinionated and all that which encompasses the ‘make up ‘ of a passionate intelligent woman who has a passion in making a difference (M.A.D) for those that are less able. I am learning to have no expectations; however, more of the anticipation of what is to come and how to handle those.

90% of the time I stand tall, wear bright colours, stand out in the crowd, accept who I am and who I am becoming, am proud of who I am from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels that say … THIS IS ME!