Luisa 's Story

Dedication to the Creation of Myself

With a disability there is no escape.
Whether I am working or resting
Where could I go to escape?
If I lay down
I would awake
Only to sit.
If I dwell in the body of the past
Nothing seems to make sense
In fact
It throws my life in total
And hate
In the book of all books
We are reminded by our creator that there is only
With this revelation I realised that my mind has no boundary.
I started to practice forgiveness in letting go of the
Past body and be open to the adventurous new one
I call it now the love finder
Of the new body
Determined to see myself
Just as I am
And learn the lessons ahead
I have learned to accept
And even to enjoy
The body that I do have
I am VERY PROUD of these photos
And in order to love others
And share these photos
I have to learn to love and accept
My creator
Would not have it any other way
Shape size or form.
Live in the immediate
The present is all there is to enjoy

I became a paraplegic at the age of 18 after the removal of a Tumor, 1981. I am married and have three boys Jason 18, patrick 14, Justin 11. I am now 41, I work, I represent Australia in sports and have all the dynamic living challenges that all families have. The road of living with a disability is not easy all the time but one has to go forward regardless.