David 's Story

Oh dear!

Martin my best mate showed me a photo of him and said “Here's a photo of me fifteen kg ago!” We both laughed a slightly wry and self-conscious laugh.

My first twenty five years were spent inhabiting the proverbial bean pole, being skinny, gangly and with questionable posture – there are several embarrassing family photos I haven't had the chance to burn yet! Never quite the avid sports person I seemed to like the idea far more than all the effort involved in doing it. The whole idea of running at people playing rugby just seems a little absurd; I mean you could actually hurt yourself!

Since then I have spent considerable time and effort filling out that frame! Sour Cream makes everything taste better, believe me on this one and chocolate is a subject best not getting me started on! The extra large result has at times been somewhat confronting. Oh the joy of fitting into jeans the size below what you thought you were, only to find them mislabeled!

I have always prayed that God would make me a “gentle” man and humble in all I do. Now that I'm in my thirties I'm finding myself more comfortable than ever before in who I am. I suppose I'm starting to understand who this guy named David is. My strengths and weaknesses. This has been a long and at times painful process. I remember being so black and white about life and questions it posed. These days I find myself just trying to work what the original question was. Learning to laugh at ones self, especially Mr Pompous, is such a liberating thing.

The way forward is one of love, mercy, acceptance, forgiveness, gentleness and compassion - as Jesus is my example. I am truly humbled to be part of this extraordinary creation God has made and to be able to realize just how richly blessed I am.

Now did someone say Ice-cream…