Lisa 's Story

Those that know me would describe me as a complex person, an enigma, a tree hugging hippie, a procrastinator, a kind, generous, caring person.

I am all of the above and more a tall person trapped in a short body who loves laughter and sunshine, being silly with my friends and at times enjoying quiet and solitude. Picnics with my friends all naked enjoying nature the birds, trees the sound of the surf.

I am a naturist, a nudist call it what you will, I just love not being clothed I revel in not having the restriction of clothing and since becoming a naturist my life has opened up for me I now for the first time accept and love the body God has given me. I am comfortable inside my own skin so much so I now model for life drawing classes and sculpture classes. Can you imagine how empowering it is to be the only naked person in a room and be comfortable within yourself? I especially enjoy swimming naked but for me the best is when a gentle breeze washes over my body.

I can be serious at times; I am easily hurt but will never let on when I am hurt. I am brave and courageous at times but also I can be a fraidy little rabbit see what I mean an enigma! I am slow to anger, but when I am pushed and it will only be some tiny little thing that slips the scale watch out because all 5 foot of me will become a raging tornado!

I am spiritual which is my hippie facet. I believe we are all here for a reason to learn from this life and to move on enriched from our learning and achievements we win here.

I thank God for giving me this life even though at times it can be incredibly hard and frightening I know that being here in this life at this time and learning all I must learn for this lifetime it is a gift and an honour to be here.

I know as I grow and learn and age I will find other parts and facets of myself also and look forward to sharing them with my friends and family.