Sarah 's Story

Existing as Sarah as “Me”…

a conscious Soul having a human experience….

I am comfortable most days as “Me”, because what you see is what my soul has chosen to come packaged as. Once I remembered this, I could no longer deny this knowing, so I decided to just let go to each moment and remember that we are all truly divine souls living out a human experience in whatever shape & skin we knew would best assist in leading us home, within, to this truth.

I know myself as Divine Love, a part of the mystical mosaic of the “whole”, growing more aware of the truth each day, living my soul's whispering words and practising to act upon them more frequently within humanity….

So what you will see when you look at me, will be reflective of how the world is viewed through your eyes, and I can tell you the truth through mine - I am a Creator-inspired Soul, learning every moment, unfolding it's human plan, outwardly known as Sarah….